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Family Link is an annual publication designed to keep you up to date on the accomplishments and activities of the Frances McClelland Institute for Children, Youth, and Families. We encourage you to explore our website for more in-depth information about our research and the many programs we co-sponsor with other academic departments and organizations throughout the year

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FMI Research Briefs in English and Spanish 

Cardiovascular Disease Risk for Women & Girls: Gender, A Compelling Social Determinant

Author: Kim Peace-Tuskey, MSW

Riesgo de Enfermedad Cardiovascular en Mujeres y Niñas: Género, Un Determinante Social de Peso

Autora: Kim Peace-Tuskey, MSW

Reducing High-Stress Response of Children in Poverty Can Improve Overall Physical and Mental Health Outcomes: A Research Brief

Author: Kim Peace-Tuskey, MSW

Reducir la Respuesta de Alto Estrés de Los Niños en Situación de Pobreza Puede Mejorar los Resultados Generales de Salud Física y Mental: Resumen de Investigación

Autora: Kim Peace-Tuskey, MSW

Adolescents and Covid-19: School Re-Openings and Mental Health and Academic Challenges

Authors: Bianca Levario, graduate student in Masters of Educational Policy, Eniola Idowu, graduate student in Masters of Public Health, Cynthia Blockburger, Ph.D. candidate in Educational Leadership & middle school teacher, Dr. Katharine Zeiders, Associate Professor in Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences, and Dr. Ada Wilkinon-Lee, Associate Professor in the Department of Mexican American Studies

Adolescentes y Covid-19: Reaperturas Escolares y Desafíos Académicos y De Salud Mental

Autoras: Bianca Levario, estudiante de posgrado en Maestría en Política Educativa, Eniola Idowu, estudiante de posgrado en Maestría en Salud Pública, Cynthia Blockburger, candidata a doctorado en liderazgo educativo y maestra de secundaria, Dra. Katharine Zeiders, Profesora Asociada de la Escuela Norton de Ciencias de la Familia y el Consumidor, y Dra. Ada Wilkinson-Lee, Profesora Asociada del Departamento de Estudios Mexicoamericanos

Mental Health & School-Aged Youth

Authors: Lia D. Falco, Ph.D., Austin Guida, and Connor Kendzora, University of Arizona College of Education

La Salud Mental y Los Jóvenes de Edad Escolar

Autoras: Lia D. Falco, Ph.D., Austin Guida, y Connor Kendzora, Facultad de Educación de la Universidad de Arizona

Opportunity In Tucson

Authors: Jim Kiser and Shirley Kiser

Caregiving Changes For Working Families Raising Young Children During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Authors: Madeleine deBlois, ScD; Kara Haberstock Tanoue, MA; & Michele Walsh, PhD

Young Children, Families & Teachers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Authors: Leah Durán, Ph.D. and Rebecca Lopez