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Russell Toomey Research Lab

Our Mission

Thriving and Resilience among youth with marginalized Identities and Expressions

As a family and developmental scientist, Dr. Toomey examines the intersections of identity, oppression, public policy, and health and well-being among sexual and gender minority populations. Their research focuses on exploring how sexual and gender minority youth, with a particular emphasis on Latinx SGM youth, not only navigate but also thrive amidst the oppressive barriers and challenges present in society. To achieve these objectives, their research identifies adaptable individual-level mechanisms, such as coping strategies and activism, as well as systemic-level policies, such as inclusive school policies, that mitigate the effects of discrimination and promote optimal health, well-being, and educational outcomes.

Interested in participating with the Toomey Research Lab?

Dr. Toomey will be accepting new graduate students for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

Russell (Russ) B. Toomey, Ph.D.

Professor, Human Development and Family Science


Current Projects

Identity, policy, and family relationships among trans youth during COVID-19

This ongoing project examines trans and nonbinary youths' (aged 13-17) experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic while simutaneously dealing with over 100 pieces of legislation that were targeted toward limiting the rights of trans youth.

Identity, family, and school experiences of Latinx LGBTQ youth

This project examines how intersecting experiences related to race-ethnicity and sexual orientation contribute to well-being and academic achievement among over 400 Latinx LGBTQ-identified youth. Data were collected online using social media recruitment via the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Athletes’ perceptions of the climate for LGBTQ athletes in collegiate sports and athlete ally development

This project explores perceptions of the climate for LGBTQ athletes and athlete ally identity among 159 college-student athletes at NCAA Division I schools.