Policies and Procedures

Frances McClelland Institute for Children, Youth, and Families Policies and Procedures

These policies and procedures are intended to facilitate Frances McClelland Institute (Institute) research, to encourage coordination between the Institute’s research outreach and training activities, and to provide guidelines for access to Institute resources for the purpose of conducting research.  These policies identify priority for who may conduct research at the Institute and provide guidelines for submitting proposals to conduct research.


Priorities for use of Institute space and resources:

Priorities for acceptance of proposals for use of Institute space and resources, including the Janet and Barry Lang Children and Family Observation Lab (Lang Lab), will be ranked, from highest to lowest, as follows:

  1. Institute affiliated faculty, staff, and graduate students
  2. Norton School faculty and graduate students
  3. Other University of Arizona faculty and students
  4. Non-University of Arizona researchers


Proposal Requirements:

Before submitting a proposal to conduct research using Institute space or facilities, the Principle Investigator (PI) is encouraged to visit the Institute and talk with the Director about the project to establish the viability and feasibility of proposed research.

  A. Executive Summary:

A brief Executive Summary should cover the hypotheses and study design (maximum of one page).  The Executive Summary will be used to document the research projects of the Institute.

  B. Cover Page:

Please include the following information as a cover page to the proposal:

  1. Project Title
  2. Name of Applicant(s)
  3. Address, Phone & Email
  4. Specific request
  5. Project timeline


  C. Copy of extramural proposal, if applicable.

  D. Additional Outside Approvals:

Where applicable, proposals will need to submit proof of the following additional approvals:

  1. University of Arizona Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval:         

Any study that proposes to use Institute resources must be submitted and approved by the University of Arizona Human Subjects Protection Program.  Proposals to conduct research may be approved pending final IRB approval.  A copy of the final, approved version of the IRB proposal that has been stamped and dated by IRB shall be provided to the Institute Director prior to initiating research at the Institute.

    2. Lang Lab Use Approval:

For projects not otherwise subject to pre-approval by the Institute Director (e.g., exploratory research, short-term or one-time use), a “Facilities Use Agreement” for use of the Lang Lab must be completed and all necessary signatures and approvals obtained.

  E. Documentation and Timeline for Proposal Submission:

An electronic copy of all documents should be provided to the McClelland Institute Program Coordinator.  The Institute’s goal is to respond to all requests as quickly as possible.


Acknowledgment of Support:

All Institute projects are required to acknowledge the Institute in public presentations, publications, or reports of research conducted at the Institute as follows:

“This research was supported in part by the Frances McClelland Institute for Children, Youth, and Families, in the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences at The University of Arizona.  Information about the Frances McClelland Institute is available at: https://FMI.arizona.edu.”

All talks and poster presentations for research supported by the Institute require the use of the Frances McClelland Institute presentation template, available from the Institute’s Program Coordinator.


Reporting Requirements:

All projects supported by the Institute will be asked to submit an annual report to the Institute Director for use in the Institute’s own internal and external reporting.  All project leaders agree to provide this information in a timely manner. 


Technical / Computing Guidelines

  A. Storage of Data:

The Institute and the Lang Lab will be used by multiple investigators at any given time.   All data, therefore, must be stored either to an external drive or to the Lang Lab server.  When a project requires, alternate data storage arrangements may be made with prior approval of the Institute Director.  Login credentials will be supplied to all project team members at the time the project is approved.

  B. Computing Resources:

Computers and software in the Institute and Lang Lab are for authorized users only.  The user is responsible for observing all copyright laws.  Software and documentation made available in the lab are for use only in connection with approved research projects and are not to be duplicated for use elsewhere.  Duplicating copyrighted programs or documentation is illegal and violates University of Arizona policy.  All use must comply with the University of Arizona’s Guidelines Governing Acceptable Use of Information and Network Systems, which can be viewed at:  https://policy.arizona.edu/information-technology/acceptable-use-computers-and-networks-policy

  C. Reporting Equipment Problems:

Report any computer, software, audio/visual, or other equipment problem to the Institute’s Program Coordinator.  Do not attempt to fix any Institute or lab equipment on your own.

  D. Liabilities:

The Institute makes no guarantees regarding equipment, programs, documentation or other materials in the Institute or Lab.  The Institute is not responsible for loss of data due to faulty programs or equipment, or by any other means. 

  E. Food, Drink, and Tobacco are not allowed in the Lab.


Facilities Access and Monitoring:

  A. Standard access to Institute facilities, including the Lang Lab, is limited to regular working hours (Mondays to Fridays, 7:30am to 5pm) and on days that the University is officially open.  After hours access may be granted on a case by case basis with prior approval from the Institute’s director. 

  B. The Principal Investigator (PI) for the study will be responsible for monitoring project affiliates (students, collaborators, and research subjects) during the study.  At no point will unaccompanied persons be allowed access to the Institute’s research facilities without prior approval from the Institute’s Director or Program Coordinator.

  C. Only an approved PI or project affiliate may request a key to the Lab.   Any such request will be granted only where necessary for the completion of the proposed research project and the requestor has submitted a completed “Building Access” application and received the necessary signatures approving said request. 



Approved projects for research will be scheduled for Institute and Lab space in the same order of priority as listed above under “Priorities for acceptance of proposals for use of Institute space and resources.”  Principle Investigators may reserve time to use Institute or Lab space by contacting the Institute’s Program Coordinator.  As a general rule, reservations will not be accepted until all members of the project team have completed the necessary training and certification for use of the equipment identified in the related “Facilities Use Agreement.”


Application Forms: