Lang Lab

Lang Lab

The Janet and Barry Lang Laboratory for Family and Child Observational Research is a state-of-the-art lab designed for the collection of audio, visual, physiological data (EKG, impedance cardiography, respiration, blood pressure, skin conductance, and pulse amplitude) in studies of child, couple, group, and family interaction.

conference room with people talking
Rooms and Features
  • Three rooms for observation
  • One classroom for observation
  • Two control rooms with video and audio equipment
  • Variation in room size and set-up
  • One-way mirrors
  • Video and sound capabilities
  • Tobii Studio Eye Tracker
Available Software

Reserving a Room

Approved projects for research will be scheduled for Institute and Lab space in the same order of priority as listed above under “Priorities for acceptance of proposals for use of Institute space and resources.”  Principle Investigators may reserve time to use Institute or Lab space by contacting the Institute’s Program Coordinator.  As a general rule, reservations will not be accepted until all members of the project team have completed the necessary training and certification for use of the equipment identified in the related “Facilities Use Agreement.”


Please check the availability of the room before completing the room reservation request below:

Lang Lab Room 215A - Child Observation Room - View Calendar

Lang Lab Room 215C - Couple/Small Group Observation Room - View Calendar

Lang Lab Room 215D - Large Group Observational Room  - View Calendar

Lang Lab Room 215 F -  Zoom Videoconferencing Room - View Calendar


Please email to make a room reservation. 

Application Forms:


Facilities Access and Monitoring:
  1. Standard access to Institute facilities, including the Lang Lab, is limited to regular working hours (Mondays to Fridays, 7:30am to 5pm) and on days that the University is officially open.  After hours access may be granted on a case by case basis with prior approval from the Institute’s director. 
  2. The Principal Investigator (PI) for the study will be responsible for monitoring project affiliates (students, collaborators, and research subjects) during the study.  At no point will unaccompanied persons be allowed access to the Institute’s research facilities without prior approval from the Institute’s Director or Program Coordinator.
  3. Only an approved PI or project affiliate may request a key to the Lab. Any such request will be granted only where necessary for the completion of the proposed research project and the requestor has submitted a completed “Building Access” application and received the necessary signatures approving said request.